Sarah Eliisee – Composite Bonding

I’ve never been happy with my smile due to having a visible buccal corridor…

“Sharing my journey to loving my smile with the incredibly talented @mr.positeeth

I’ve never been happy with my smile due to having a visible buccal corridor. This can be instantly ageing and sometimes appear like your back teeth are missing 🙈

For years I researched all my options to try and improve this easily without damaging my teeth and decided to try a fairly new procedure called 3D bonding with Positeeth.

I can’t believe how quick and easy this treatment is, whilst also not damaging your teeth at all and it’s completely reversible.

A simple scan first (followed by a bit more work behind the scenes, designing and printing the composite veneers) meaning the bonding/fitting takes just 1 hour.

I couldn’t be happier with the results. My smile has widened so much whilst still maintaining the natural shape of my original teeth 🤎 Haris literally listened to everything I wanted and ticked every single box. I cannot recommend him enough.”

About Composite Bonding

Transform your smile with Positeeth®️3D Bonding —a perfect blend of artistry and science. This advanced procedure breathes new life into your smile, correcting imperfections with precision. Our skilled dental professionals work their magic with top-notch materials, and digital technology. Rediscover your smile’s potential and watch your confidence soar. With Positeeth, a radiant smile is just an appointment away.